Friday, March 12, 2010

A yellow hula hoop

On Monday at Bella's physio session my perspective on everything changed all because of my amazing little girl and a yellow hula hoop. Nicky (Bella's physio) held one side of a yellow hula hoop and Bella held the other side. Nicky started walking backwards to try get Bella to follow her. I expected Bella to sit down and refuse but instead she followed Nicky and walked holding onto the yellow hula hoop. She walked not just a few steps but big laps around the room.... I cant describe what I felt at that moment other than to say that my little girl is amazing and I love her and I love being her Mommy.

We have had quite a hectic and rough start to the year but life is good, Bella is great and Max is so precious. Here is a picture from christmas with Max and his amazing Dad in Simonstown.

 We didn't know it at the time but our christmas holiday in Simonstown was the last one with everyone there as it has been for the last 15 years. My gran and grandpa will be in Johannesburg from now on and it will be fantastic to have them so close. Max has been an amzing little boy with MaGogo and his compassion for her and Grandpa is so heart warming. He has seen so much in terms of hospitals and illness in his life with Bella and now Grandpa. It makes me sad for such a little boy to have experienced it but it has helped him become the caring and compassionate little M.A.N that he is. I am so proud of him!

Our last visit to Bella's neurologist in February I have not had a chance to write about. We have finished weaning Bella off the Phenobarbitone and Dr T discussed starting to wean her off the Tegretol and Keppra. This was something I was not expecting at all. We will wait until our next visit in May and take it from there.

Bella is really blossoming at the moment, which is exactly what happened after our last Anat Baniel intensive therapy session in September last year. She is pulling herself up against the couches and tables so easily. She lowers herself very well when she wants to sit down and even cruises for a few steps along the couch.

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