Monday, January 23, 2012

MRI and EEG this week

We are going to Cape Town on Friday for Bella’s tests. We are having another MRI to see if we can find the mysterious cortical dysplasia which seemed to have disappeared in her last MRI (November 2010) as well as 24 – 48 hour EEG. The purpose of the EEG is to see if there is still ‘abnormal activity’ and to see if we can catch one of her staring spells on EEG and see if it is a clinical seizure or not. The plan is to switch from Tegretol to Epilim if it is a seizure as Tegretol is contra-indicated for absence seizures. We will also probably be starting her on the Modified Atkins diet to try normalise the underlying epileptic activity. It’s going to be stressful trip but I am pleased we managed to book it early in the year and to hopefully get some answers and a plan of action.

Anyone with experience with Modified Atkins diet, I would love to hear about it….


  1. Hope MRI and EEG go well and you get some answers x

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