Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fishing and drinking Vida coffee

We arrived in Umhlanga yesterday after having a 2 hour delay on the runway. The airplane was delayed due to bad weather. When we arrived Max spotted a fishing net in the hotel shop which we bought. Max then gave Grant and I a lecture on proper fishing protocol. You only ever eat the first fish and the rest you put back. Very importantly you must give the fish you caught a big 'love' before you eat it! This morning he spent a long time in the tidal pools but did not catch anythig. Then.... on our way out he made a beeline for the Koi pond at the hotel entrance and tried to catch a Koi fish!

In New York we worked on Bella's intentions with her hands and tried to get her to take her bottle. This skill has come a long way and she is now reaching for her bottle and bringing it to her mouth. She will even choose which bottle she wants if I put a milk and juice bottle next to each other. This morning we got a Vida E Cafe coffee in Umhlanga and Bella tried to take my coffee cup and drink it. Associating my coffee with something to drink is a big step forward!

Bella loved exploring on the beach and was covered in beach sand from head to toe in no time!

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  1. So it was Unhlanga rocks I saw in the pics! Bella looks so sweet in the pink dress - I think I recognize my Mom's love of smocking !!
    Love you guys!