Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bella is back

Since we got back from New York Bella has been teething and never quite did what she was doing in New York. I was starting to get a bit worried and was wondering if I had imagined it but Bella is Bella is Bella... She does what she wants when she wants to and last night she was back to her New York self. Lots of babbling saying mamamama, wawawawa and babababa... She also crawled out of Max's room to look for me and then back into Max's room when she heard Grant talking! Yesterday she also had a really good day at Physio and crawled through a long tunnel a few times and she also crawled over a block obstacle course to reach her favourite toy. Bella is back!

For anyone who wants to know more about the Anat Baniel Method here is a link to the website:

Anat Baniel Method for Children

I haved booked to go back to Marcy in January. Marcy's full details are as follows:

Name: Marcy Lindheimer
The Children's Practice: ABM Center NYC
2109 Broadway #9-93,
New York, NY - 10023

"Specializing in ABM for children of all ages in NYC, Chicago and the ABM Center in San Rafael."

Phone: 212-362-8597
Fax: 212-580-8809
E-mail: mlindheimr@aol.com

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