Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home sweet home

We arrived back on Friday after an uneventful flight. Bella has managed this whole trip extremely well!
It was so nice to everyone at home especially Max. He has been so sweet and loving to me but I can see that he has struggled and is a bit insecure. Our garden has just blossomed while I have been away and is looking lovely. It was my Dad's birthday on the 17th so we had a good South African braai on Saturday night. What bliss to eat home style food. Here is a picture of my Dad on hiw new Harley Davidson.

Bella went to see her Neurologist yesterday and Dr T is very pleased with her progress, We are now going to continue with her Phenobarbitone weaning schedule. I am a bit ner vous about it but it will be so good for Bella's development if we can get her off this medicine.

Bella has continued with her crawling though it did slow down a bit for the first few days we were back but she seems to be back on track now. I am busy setting up speech therapy for her now as she is now ready for it. That brings our list of therapies to 9 per week excluding everything we do at home. I am back to my hectic life already. New York seems like a breeze!

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