Thursday, September 10, 2009

Teething and Rollerblades

Bella has been super grumpy today. Shouting a lot and generally being otherwise. I noticed that she keeps putting her finger at the back of her mouth and when I managed to get a look in her mouth I can see that one of her back teeth is coming through. The inside of her cheek is bleeding and it looks like she has bitten the inside of her cheek. No wonder she has been so grumpy but its really bad timing. She also hasnt done much of her new crawling the last 2 days. But thats how she has always been. I will go and look for some teething gel tomorrow and hopefully it will be better than the South African ones because those dont help her at all. When I went to chemist to see if I could get some Panado or similar, they seemed horrified that I wanted it without a prescription from a Paediatrician. Luckily I seem to have enough with me anyway.

Marcy has also been talking a lot about sensory issues which ties in with what Kate (Bella's OT) says. I also noticed that a fair bit of the work Marcy does is similar to what Nicki does (Bella's Physio). From what it sounds like the Physio's in America do things quite differently to those in South Africa. I just keep realising what excellent Doctors etc we have in South Africa.

The kitchenette in our hotel room does not have an electric kettle. It has a 'pot' kettle which you use on the gas stove to boil water. This was quite a challenge in the beginning but now I am used to it. But, I am really missing Grant's cooking. The food here is so oily and I really dont know what to eat. I can't wait to come home and have some nice clean healthy food. Luckily I brought some Woolies Honeybush Rooibos tea with me.. Interestingly enough Starbucks coffee shop has Vanilla Rooibos on their menu. I must try it out...

I have done a lot of strolling on the streets with Bella. Now I know why Americans call Prams 'Strollers'. Today I saw a very funny sight. I was standing at a major intersection waiting to cross the road when a very old chinese lady flew across the road on a pair of rollerblades. The NY taxi's nearly crashed into her but she just carried on completely oblivious to the chaos she had caused.

More tomorrow..........


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