Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last few days in New York

Bella has been doing beautifully. She is moving with far more purpose and I am really happy with the therapy. I intend on writing a blog which details my understanding about some the principles of the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). We will definitely be coming back again!!!

I have downloaded my pictures and have inserted them in some of my older posts...

We have had a very busy few days. Yesterday we went up to the top of the Rockerfeller centre, this is not for someone who is scared of heights. When you get in the lift they switch the lights off and the ceiling is made of glass. There are lights which light up the elevator shaft so you can see how far and fast you are going up as the lift races (and I mean races) to the top floor. Quite scary. Here is a picture of central park from the roof of the Rockerfeller centre.

Last night we went for a picnic in Central Park in the Strawberry fields just outside John Lennon's apartment building where he was murdered. (V had to educate me on the fact that John Lennon had a song about Strawberry fields). As we were leaving there were people singing and putting flowers down on the IMAGINE memorial mosaic.
It has been so great having V here with me. We have had a great time and I so appreciate her having joined me. Thank you V if you are reading this... One thing I can say is Oh Boy V can shop. Here is her 'Shopping Shelf' after just 4 days...
We are coming home tomorrow and I just can't wait!!

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