Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 4 for the Transition Queen

Today was our first day of double therapy and I was a bit worried about it because Bella seemed very sick
this morning. She did really nicely though and I think the antibiotic is starting to work. I was amazed at
all the different people who have come from all over America to bring their children here for ABM therapy
with Marcy. There are even people who have moved to New York so that their kids can have regular therapy. I
met a little girl who had a stroke at birth and is now learning ballet and to play the piano. Wow!!!

Bella had 2 good sessions and I am starting to understand the therapy more, the key elements being information
and differentiation. I am starting to see some progress with Bella and again Marcy commented on how well she
transitions between positions. She even said she is her Transition Queen. Now I am starting to worry about
how I can come back again in terms of money, time, leaving Max etc etc.... One step at a tim for both myself and

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  1. Hi all this positive news is so exciting It would be stunning if you could take a short video clip on the camera of "the Crawl" and post onto yr blog Is this possible ???? just can't wait to see it Will try phoning but you must let me know the best time for you and ??? are you 7 hours behind ?? love Mom