Monday, September 14, 2009

The weekend in New York

We had a wonderful weekend in NY with V. The weather was beautiful and we did some serious shopping! Bella only had one session this weekend just to give her a little break. This evening she crawled about 1 meter without a toy to entice her. I was standing in the kitchen and she just crawled to me!!

Yesterday we went to back to Times Square for some more toy shopping and had a lovely dinner at Isabella's.Today we went on a tour and saw Madison Gardens, Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty to name a few. In between all of this V and I walked about 50 blocks so we are both completely exhausted tonight. We also went to central park and had a horse drawn carriage ride. Tomorrow we plan on going to Harlem and on a harbour cruise.

To end off, I saw another NY character today, a Rastafarian Chinese man doing Yoga on the pavement outside our hotel....

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