Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Dancing Girl

We had a good session with Marcy this morning. Again Marcy commented on how well Bella transitions. In fact her exact words were "Bella's transitions are exquisite" and that I must definitely take her for dancing lesssons when she is older because her transitions are so smooth and beautiful. Bella going for dancing lessons is not something I have thought of since she was born. Wow, what a mind shift!!

A lot of the work we have been doing here is trying to develop Bella's intentions. Marcy feels that she has all the capability to move but needs to learn motivation and intention with her movements. She is already more motivated in reaching her toys and intentionally crawling a few steps towards them. Once Bella is completely off the Phenobarb it will also help a lot with her motivation. A lot of Bella's toys are more 'amusement' toys and I need to look for more toys which will require her to do something to get an outcome. I certainly dont need any excuses to shop....

Tomorrow is September 11th and there is a lot of preparation going on here for the ceremonies. The whole block around our hotel has been barricaded so I am sure something is going to be happening in our block tomorrow.

V arrives on Saturday which I am really excited about. It will be really nice to see some of New York with her. I am looking forward to coming home and to giving Max his bag of toys and treats. The little M.A.N has been super brave.

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