Sunday, September 6, 2009

In New York and Bella is crawling

We are here! Bella and I had a long but comfortable flight to New York. Luckily we managed to upgrade our tickets to business class and the seat next to us was empty so Bella had her own flat bed on the flight. Here are two pictures of the little madam on the plane.. I particularly love the first one.

Since we arrived on Thursday Bella has not slept for more than 5 hours at a stretch so we have both been exhausted. She has finally gone to sleep now as I am writing this and I really hope she gets a decent nights sleep. We have had 2 ABM therapy sessions already but Bella was so grumpy that it was quite difficult to do anything. Be that as it may BELLA STARTED CRAWLING the night we arrived. It is too special for words. She is doing her new crawl / hop across our hotel rooms floor chasing her balls. She is clearly very pleased with herself and I am super proud. The one objective I had from this NY trip was to get her crawling and she has done that before we have even started. I think the ABM therapy looks very promising and I hope she is better rested tomorrow so she can get the most out of it.

Since we arrived on Thursday we haven't done too much. We have been to Central Park, Times Square and done a fair bit of shopping. I plan to go on a horse drawn carriage drive around Central Park in the next few days. Very touristy I know but Bella and I will both enjoy it.  This is a picture of Bella in Central Park playing with her piano.

Here is a photo of where we are staying in NY. On the left hand side you can see the blue Hotel Beacon awning which is where we are staying. The large building on the right hand side is the Ansonia which is where the childrens therapy centre is. You will notice the wide clean pavements and trees. I really noticed the difference in the Upper West Side to Midtown NY today when I went to Times Square. The buildings in Midtown are very tall so there is not much sun, there are no trees and there are lots of people and litter. In the Upper West Side where we are staying it is quieter (by NY standards), sunnier, cleaner, the people dress better and there are trees along the streets. A very different vibe.

I dont know what has happened to the formatting of my blog, still trying to figure it out....

Sleep tight

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