Friday, August 21, 2009

13 Days to go

It is now only 13 more days until Bella and I go to New York... I can't believe it is time already. I am so busy trying to organise everything before I go away. I have a very long to do list and items to take with list but I am sure I will forget something....

Max and Bella are interacting so well now. Max adores his little sister and is very protective of her. Here is a really cute picture I took of the two of them in the garden. Bella just lights up when she hears Max..

Bella had a temperature of 40.5 C yesterday and Dr R tested for Swine Flu. I dont think she has it but given her medical history he thought it was wise and justified to test for it..... She seems a lot better today though.   
Our weekend away was great fun. Max had a complete blast fishing, riding and building fires. I even went for a ride with Lexi and we had a great gallop / canter up the hill next to the buck. Here is my little man on his big horse.      
Have a great weekend

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