Friday, August 14, 2009

Some interesting research

I got sent some new research from Neurology newswire from the latest Epilepsia journal which I thought was very interesting. The name of the article is "Benefit of combination therapy in epilepsy: A review of the preclinical evidence with levetiracetam" by Rafal M Kaminski, Alain Matagne, Philip N. Patsalos and Henrik Klitgaard.

Basically my understanding of the article (which is really only my understanding) is that from preclinical tests they have found that when Keppra is taken with other anti-epileptic drugs it improves the effectiveness of the other drugs without increasing the other drugs blood levels and side effects.

For example the effectiveness / potency of Valproate is increased by 28 times and Phenobarbital by 16 times. There is a whole list of drugs included and it shows by how much the effectiveness is improved. If you want a copy of the article let me know.

P.S. Bella is doing great. Starting to play with toys.. Yay

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