Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A good week

This last week has been quite quiet. We all enjoyed the long weekend and Grant and I managed to spend some quality time together. Max spent a lot of time building fires in his braai.. a pyromaniac just like his Dad.

Bella had a really great weekend. She is getting into her early bedtime routine nicely. She also grabbed her bottle and pulled it to her mouth which is a big first for her... She is constantly getting into the crawling position and rocking on her arms. Hopefully this means she will be ready to crawl soon which will be a huge celebration.

We have decided not to drop her Phenobarbitone anymore until we get back from New York which is now only 3 weeks away. I cant believe how quickly time is marching on. I am a bit in two minds about the Phenobarbitone. On the one hand I dont want any problems when we are away but on the other hand we have seen big improvments as her dose has come down and am very eager to get her off it completely. Based on the current schedule she will only be off it in December..

We are going away for the weekend to Dullstroom with my Dad which will be the first time we have been away together for 2 years!! So here's to a good week and weekend ahead!

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