Friday, February 5, 2010

New York photo reel

I have been wanting to write up a long post on our time in New York but have just not had the time. GaLou sent me the pictures she took while we were there so have posted them here in the meantime. Enjoy....

Having fun in the bath!

Bear standing

Bear walking

Just being too cute

Kissing her new puppy toy

Patting her new puppy toy

Loving her duck in her new "beary" cute winter pyjamas

Just taking a break... note the crossed legs

Peeping out our hotel window at the last remaining christmas lights


Enjoying a taxi ride

In Times Square

Enjoying her new electric toothbrush


  1. Love these!!! She really loves it when you do that tongue clicking sound. SO CUTE!!! xx

  2. What a fun trip! Such cute pictures. So glad/jealous you got some more ABM!!!