Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First day with Anat Baniel therapy

Today we had our first 2 sessions of therapy with Marcy Lindheimer. Marcy was very pleased with the progress Bella has made over the last 4 months since she saw her in September and commented on how much more aware and available she is. I think because I see Bella every day I don't notice the changes as much unless I stop to think about them. We are working on teaching Bella to stand up by herself. She has already been pulling herself to standing against people and couches but we will work on her implementation and confidence with this. It is really good to be back in New York and getting another perspective on Bella and how to enhance her development.

Another thing is that Bella is eating really well and is very willing to try new foods which is very 'unlike' her. I believe it is due to the biomedical approach we are taking and the GFCF diet. I think her gut is more 'comfortable' which leads her to be more willing with food.

Max stayed at home today because there was so much traffic after the storm last night that Grant went back home. The tree fellers arrived shortly after and there was no way Grant was going to get Max away from the tree felling action. Apparently by the end of the day he was good friends with all the guys. That is just so like Max!!

Max is going for his Grade 0 assessment at St David's next week Tuesday which I am really upset to missing. I can't believe he is going to big school next year. Here is a picture of Max the night before I came to New York.


  1. So glad you get to do ABM and that you are seeing progress!

  2. cathy where can i find ABM in Johannesburg?

  3. Unfortunately there is no ABM therapist in Johannesburg.