Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cockroaches and Poo

Today started off rather early. Bella woke up at 3:30am so we had a very early morning before heading off to Toys R Us in Times Square. We then had a good nap at lunchtime before heading out this afternoon. As we were leaving a huge cockroach about the size of a R5 coin scurried across the floor in front of Bella. Initially I thought it was a peach pip rolling across the carpet. It seriously freaked me out so I asked the hotel to clean out my room on our way out. (I am sure the haven't so the king kong of cockroaches is still lurking in here somewhere).

Bella has not had a poo since we left Sout Africa other than a small one this morning. We went to a small diner called Josies for a early supper and just as my food arrived Bella had the most explosive poo. The people at the table next to us heard the noise and looked at us. I quickly picked her up to take her to the toilet only to find that the poo had gone all the way up her back and down her leg and was very visible on her white vest. I then saw that my cream top was also covered in the stinkiest poo I have ever smelt. It was so embarressing!! I have never seen a take away box packed and a bill paid so quickly.

After a big bath I decided I needed to take all the clothes and towels to the laundromat because I certainly did not want to attract any more cockroaches into our room. So we spent the rest of the evening at the laundromat.... Not what I had envisaged myself doing in New York :)

Tomorrow is our first session with Marcy. I look forward to seeing Marcy again and seeing how Bella responds to the ABM therapy.

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