Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back in the Big Apple

Bella and I are back in New York. It seems quite surreal and almost like I never left because everything is so familiar. Which is a good thing. The trip here was much harder than last time because Bella was not happy to sit in one place for so long. She really wanted to crawl all over the plane which is fantatstic that she is getting so adventurous. Here she is with one of the few times (for safety and security reasons) that she was allowed on the floor.

The weather is not as cold as I was expecting but still cold enough. Bella is not happy about being wrapped up with a beanie on her head. I managed to coax a smile out of her in the second photo.

Yesterday Bella and I met up with Lori, an old friend of mine and had some lunch.  I had to keep Bella awake to try get her onto New York time but she was sobbing with exhaustion by the time she went to bed last night. 'Poor wee lamb' as Magogo would say......
Today I did some shopping and and have already broken my rules but all the winter sales are on!!!!!!!!!!!

We start therapy with Marcy on Wednesday and I am very interested to see what she says about Bella's progress in the last 4 months. She is doing so nicely and is now bear walking all around our hotel room including up a stair into the bathroom so I better go rescue her. Bye..

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