Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 2010 - Full steam ahead

Its only the 12 January and it has been a hectic month already...

We went to see the DAN practioner on Wednesday last week and she has put Bella on GFCF diet and a whole range of supplements. We are sending some tests off overseas to confirm what she saw in Bella's live blood analysis. One of the tests required her hair to be sent to the lab so I had to cut off a huge patch of hair at the back of her head which looked so silly with the long curls on top of Bella's head. In the end we had to cut most of her much shorter which is quite upsetting because I was enjoying 'styling' her curls with pretty clips etc. Anyway, small things..... We started Bella on the new diet regime and she is definitely sleeping better and seems a lot brighter and doing a lot more exploring around the house. Its hard to pinpoint it to the diet because she has also finished the Phenobarb completely. I would love to chat to some Moms who have done the whole GFCF thing.

We went back to the Opthalamologist for a check up because I had noticed Bella seems to have a squint developing. The eye doc was very happy with improvement in her vision since October 2008 (when she now tells me Bella couldn't see anything). She said that her vision is perfect and that the squint is quite common and she thinks unrelated to Bella's other problems. It will either go away or she will need glasses or eye surgery. We have to go back in April to see what has happened. I discussed this with Bella's OT and she has recommended some eye exercises to strengthen her eye muslces if it is just due to eye muscle weakness. It is quite possible so because it is an intermittent squint which happend randomly in both eyes.

Bella had her check-up EEG yesterday which was supposed to be a 2 hour sleeping EEG. I didn't sedate because she normally doesnt react well but instead decided to time it over a sleep time. Needless to say Bella thought it would be way more fun to pull the cords of her head and try to climb out of her pram.

After her EEG cut off the offending glue with the extra long curls to try and turn her bad hair day into a good hair day..

We should get the results of the now 20 minute EEG this week before we leave for New York this Saturday. I can't believe how quickly time has passed and we are off for our second Anat Baniel Method session. I am not sure what I want to come out of this session. Last time I wanted Bella to crawl but I do not want to push the walking yet because she needs to spend a fait bit of time crawling. So I think I am just going to go with the flow...

I am so stressed out about leaving Max. I have had the feeling that he is more prepared for it than last time but as the time draws nearer I can see that he is starting to get stressed :(

The next time I write I will probably be in New York.

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