Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 8th of July again

Last year on the 8th of July I wrote this post : 8th of July 2009

Its that time of year again and in line with true Bella style it will be another auspicious day. We are going into Sandton Clinic for a 12 hour overnight EEG. The purpose of the EEG is to see how Bella is doing and if all is good to possibly start weaning either her Tegretol or Keppra. The weird thing is that it was the 8th of July 2008 that her seizures stopped and we will be in the exact same hospital room as we were then. I am taking it as a good omen but am still quite freaked out about the thought of a trip down memory lane....

Last year Bella sat up from lying down for the first and when I look back to that milestone and where she is now I see how far she has come in the last year. It really is amazing.

My thoughts are of course on little Ruve and her family and hopeful for what the next year brings.

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  1. Hope the EEG goes as well as it can.