Thursday, July 22, 2010

EEG Results

Bella had her EEG which went ok despite the horrible sedation. She was knocked out for a full 16 hours but was quite chirpy when she eventually woke. There was another baby in the ward you had Measles and was very sick. Our doctor advised us very strongly to give Bella the measles vaccine and I think I did it because of being in the hospital already and being super stressed out. I wish I didn’t do it because it goes against all the work we have been doing from a Biomedical perspective. She also ended up having a reaction with temperatures but otherwise was ok.

Dr T phoned me back yesterday with her EEG results and said it was all clear. Yay!! Her background waves were good and no seizure activity. So now we need to start considering what to do with her anti-seizure medicines.

Bella’s iPad arrives this weekend with the Peacocks all the way from London which is super exciting. I just need to get the Wi-Fi network setup in our house because there are no 3G services for iPad’s in South Africa yet.

I have stopped smoking again… lets hope it last this time.


  1. Great news Bella's EEG was all clear!

    Would be a lovely thing if she can start weaning off the seizure meds.

    How exciting getting her own iPad.

    Good luck with quitting smoking!

  2. thats awsome news about Bella's EEG. Seeyou guys again soon. Nick