Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its a girl!!!

We went for our 16 week scan at this week and we found out we are expecting another beautiful little girl. We are so excited and Max quite likes the idea of being a big brother to and having to protect 2 little sisters.
I've still got so much so much stuff from when Bella was a baby and since they will only be 1 month apart in terms of being born in the same season I will really be able to use a lot of Bella's beautiful clothes. Though I have already bought one or two tiny things for my new little girl. I've also decided that I would like her to share a room with Bella in the beginning, but that is really only in name because she will sleep with me.

I met another Mom last weekend who has a beautiful little 3 and 1/2 month old girl who was having seizures. Luckily she was admitted into hospital this week and the doctors picked up Hypsarythmia on her EEG and started her on ACTH before she had developed full infantile spasms. Her other seizures stopped after 1 day of ACTH treatment which is amazing I think. Hopefully this means she will make a brilliant recovery.

In other news we got Bella's test results back from the lab in Paris. These were tests requested by her DAN doctor and included a Organit Acid Test (OATs) and a Neopterine profile. These tests came back withs some interesting and disturbing results but at least now we have some more direction with the biomedical approach we have been taking. Up until now we have been doing the GFCF diet and basic supplementation. The OATS test showed a Carnitine, B6 and Folic Acid deficiency so we are working on those immediatly. Its quite strange actually because these are the exact 3 supplements she was on when she had just started the ACTH treatment in 2008. Since then we have stopped them and now it seems like she does need them. I am going to have a discussion about this with Bella's neurologist when we see her on 15 November.  Bella's Neopterine levels were extremely high indicating chronic inflammation and /or immune system dysfunction. This doesnt surprise me given that she was on ACTH for 8 months but I also wonder how much the bee sting when I was pregnant and the measles vaccine in July had to do with this. We are going to treat this with Glutathione via a nebuliser. Our DAN also suggested putting Bella on the SCD diet but I am not sure what milk we will give her in her bottle. I also want a referral to an immunologist or neuroimmunologist to start looking into this in more detail. If anyone has any experience with these kind of issues please let me know.

Next week friday we are off on a summer holiday again, one week at the coast and one week in the mountains. I can't wait!!!

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  1. Congrats on your little girl, very exciting!

    Great that you finally got Bella's test results back. Even though not the best news, at least you can try and start managing these issues now you know about them.

    Hope you have a relaxing holiday! x