Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctors and their 'scan's' , another summer holiday and another boy

We have had two major scans with results that are different to previous scans. The first  one is big news. Bella had a follow up brain MRI scan last week. Her previous MRI scans done in Feb last year (1 year old) and in May 2008 (4 months old) showed delayed myelination and cortical dysplasia / polymicrogyria. This scan showed normal myelination and NO LESIONS / NO CORTICAL DYSPLASIA. Basically a normal scan. So what does this mean???? Her neurologist says the only explanation is that the initial diagnosis was wrong. So what is her diagnosis then? In addition her head circumference has jumped from the 25th percentile to the 50th percentile in the last 6 months. Since she was born she has moved along the 25th percentile and now she has suddenly jumped. My only explanation is the feeding of her brain via the biomedical DAN protocol. After further analysis of her OATS test results it looks like she has a Methylation issue. We have sent off more blood and urine samples in the meantime to repeat her metabolic testing (especially now that she doesnt have a diagnosis of Pplymicrogyria). I am also looking into Dr Yasko's nutrigenomic approach. Does anyone have experience with this?

The second scan to give us surprising results was one that showed that our new baby on the way is in fact a BOY not a girl. When we went for our 18 week scan (1 month ago) with the fetal specialist it was very evident that the baby was a boy. It was a bit of a shock but we are delighted and Max is super excited to be getting a brother . He is also adamant that he knew it was a boy all along and "told me so" and really wants us to name his new brother Cooper. Hmmm....

A few days after the baby scan we went on a two week holiday. One week in Umhlanga and then one week in the Drakensberg. Last year when we went to Umhlanga Max was a bit scared of the waves, but this year he was completely fearless and wanted to go as deep as possible. Bella also loved the waves and loved standing in the not so shallow sections and watching the waves knock into her. Here are some photos of our time in Umhlanga...

Bella relaxing after a long morning in the sun

On our long hike in the Drakensberg mountains with Grant carrying Bella the whole way

Max looking uber cool on our patio

{When I try add more than one photo in the new blogger format my computer hangs, does anyone know what to do?}  30 Nov: Well as you can see I managed to add more photos after I deleted my 'cookies'.

Bella is so close to walking... I am really hoping she is walking by her third birthday in February so she can wear this pretty dress I bought her. I know its silly but the dress is just so pretty and she cant crawl in dresses. Max is has got a memory like an elephant, just this morning he told me 10 digit cellphone number which he knows just from hearing me repeat it..He is definitely ready for big school next year even if I am not. On that note we are going to Bella's school for next year's open day on Friday. Very excited for her.

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  1. How bizarre about the change in her MRI diagnosis.

    Congrats on now having a boy instead, equally as exciting! Did they give you a percentage rate of accuracy back when they told you it was a girl?

    Holiday sounds great!