Monday, September 19, 2011


Well I have now been back at work for nearly 3 weeks and I can’t say I am loving it. At least it is only until lunchtime as I miss Leo terribly!

Bella and Max are back into the swing of things with the new term of school. Bella had her Grandparents concert at school on Friday and she loved it and managed to sit through the whole thing. Unfortunately no parents were allowed so I didn’t get to see her in action. Her end of year concert is at the end of October which will be fun to see. We have decided to leave her at Plumtree for another year rather than move her on to a bigger pre-school. We feel that she will do better in the smaller environment for another year. I was actually hoping for her to go to the Talkshop next year but the kids that go there have to be talking a little bit. Which she isn’t. Gosh, I would love to know what is holding her back with speech and communication L Will she ever talk??? Does anyone have a child who started talking really late??? I have scheduled a call with Bella’s speech therapist tonight so maybe she will give me some insight. Hopefully!

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