Monday, October 10, 2011

A new approach

Lots has been happening in Bella's world. To start off with I have completely taken her off the Yasko protocol which may seem like a dramatic thing to do but I have been so uncertain about if ofr months and really questioning if it was the right thing for Bella. She has always seemed so mcuh better when she was not detoxing and then I went back to my blog in 2009 to see what I was writing before I started any biomedical interventions. From what I wrote she seemed to be developing at a faster rate. There may or may not be any link but I felt it warrented a trial period off the Yasko protocol.  So lets see what the next 3 months bring us. I am taking her to a homeopath and a Viral doctor, Dr Cecil Jadin, this month as I still believe her rotavirus vaccine had a lot to do with her seizures.

I have also not been sure what is the best thing to do about school for Bella. She has been going to a mainstream playschool since the beginning of this year and although it has been great from a socialisation persepective she has not been getting individual attention which is what she really needs. A new special needs school has opened up called C.A.R.E which sounds like it could be ideal for Bella. We are going to meet the Principal this afternoon to discuss Bella and whether or not CARE would be good for her. I am really excited about it as I think it could really be great for her and her speech and language development. They also have ABA therapy at the school which will be fantastic.

I keep trying to add photos to my blog and it just 'hangs' in the posting editor when I click on the icon to add photos. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Bless you. I think the CARE school will be wonderful for Bella. Please let us know how it goes.