Thursday, October 20, 2011

A stunning daughter

Bella has now been at her new school C.A.R.E for one week and it has gone really well. She seems to have settled in nicely and is exhausted when I fetch her which is a good sign that she is being stimulated a lot during the morning. The OT at the school said and I quote “You have a stunning daughter and I loved working with her. I feel that she has such potential!” I am so happy she is in an environment where her potential is recognised and challenged.

Max has been doing very well at school, particularly enjoying his extra cricket lessons. His coach said to me I have ‘a little super star’ on my hands. He is still completely devoted to Leo and a wonderful big brother. Just the other day he said to Leo “I waited so long for you”. Too sweet. Leo is also growing very quickly and he is sitting already. Amazing how quickly he reached that milestone. I think he is teething at the moment as he gets quite agitated and likes to rub his gums on my fingers.

I took all 3 kids for a studio photo shoot yesterday so am really hoping I get some great pictures of them. Leo was very cooperative compared to the other two. But I have finally managed to get some photos into my blog so here are some recent ones.

Another blog I have been following about precious Little Miss Hannah has really made me rethink everything about Bella. Hannah’s story could so easily have been Bella’s story and for a time we thought it was. I am so grateful to have my little girl healthy and from now on will stop worrying about the next milestone and just enjoy her as she is. Happy and healthy. My thoughts are constantly with Hannah’s mom and family!

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  1. Your kids are gorgeous and have to agree Bella is stunning!

    So happy to hear they are supporting her so well at her school, just as it should be!