Friday, November 11, 2011

Whats been happening ....

Bella has settled nicely into her new school and is even going to school without her nanny. A huge step for both of us! So every day she is receiving ABA therapy, speech and occupation therapy. My view is that she will flourish in this environment which is so rich in the appropriate stimulation for her. We’ve noticed that she is more focused and also understanding more which may also be due to the increase in her Tegretol dose. We’ve decided (in conjunction with her Neurologist) to try to treat these abnormal spikes in her EEG even though she is not having clinical seizures. The reason being that her EEG was normal before we decided to wean the Tegretol and now it is not. Her last Tegretol blood level was in the very low therapeutic range so we have now increased her dose to around 23 mg/kg/day. We are doing follow up blood levels and an EEG on the 28th November.

Some new and cute things Bella has done:

• Respond to the command to “give” something by putting it in my hand

• More unprompted use of the “more” and “food” sign

• On the weekend she while I was getting dressed she went, unprompted, and fetched some clothes which she gave to me. HUGE!!!!

• Copying simple actions in speech therapy

Leo is such a darling and developing so quickly and easily. He is very mobile with what I call his caterpillar crawl where he pulls himself up on his arms and then lurches forward and repeats this over and over. Once he starts crawling properly there will be no stopping him!. Bella loves to play with him and observe him. It’s very sweet.  Was trying to add a picture in here but seem to be having problems with blogger and pictures AGAIN!!

In othere news Max got his yellow belt for karate. They grading 'exam' was so special and he was pleased with himself when he was awarded the yellow belt. I've got such a cute picture which I wish I could post.

This post about ghosts is one I can really identify with sometimes...

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