Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday update

I have been very busy lately and so has Bella.. Bella is now holding her bottle and feeding herself, she can crawl up a stair and is exploring a lot more around the house. The work we have been doing to de-sensitise her mouth seems to be working because she is putting a lot more into her mouth other than just her fingers...

Max had his school concert last week and was a fantastic lion. I cant believe this is his 3rd year at nursery school!! It amazes me how he manages to remember the words and actions to so many songs. Here is a picture of Max just after the concert eating some well deserved cake.

We are seeing Dr T on Friday and will be doing Bella's Phenobarbitone and Tegretol blood levels. Her Phenobarb level should be really low by now and hopefully we can finish the whole weaning process as soon as possible. I am very anxious for her to be off it and to see that she can cope without it.

This week is also special because it is 14 years ago today that I met Grant and it is also Grants birthday on the 1st of December...... Our festive season has officially started!

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  1. Hi, Cathy

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    Bella is a beautiful little girl.
    I almost cried when I read the rylics of "the Climb".
    Is Bella still having seizures or is she one of the lucky ones with total seizure control?
    Caleb is not seizure free yet, but his seizures are greatly reduced with first of all, vigabatrin, and now even more with the Ketogenic Diet.(also the diet gave him more alertness)

    It's nice to meet you!