Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All my girls

This is a picture of all my girls.. In the front is Bella who was really interested in watching Max build a fire in his braai. Behind Bella is Nikita the brown and black Beagle who is the cheekiest dog I have ever had. She has so much attitude. Next to her is my Labrador, Nutella who is a puppy at heart and at the very back is our latest addition Tinkerbell who is a rescue dog. We thought she would be a very large Bull Mastiff so called her Tinkerbell as a joke, but it seems the joke is on us as the vet said she is not going to get any bigger than what she is now..
We have quite a cold winter so this was one of warmer days and Bella really enjoyed being outside on the grass in the sun. She loves her swing and trampoline outside and this really helps with her vestibular and proprioception development.
We are still busy weaning Bella off her Phenobarbitone and will only be finished by the end of the year. She is currently on 45mg and was on 105mg which is a really large dose. She needed this large a dose due to the Pyridoxine she was which reduced her Phenobarb level. We have seen huge progress since we have dropped the Phenobarb. In fact in the last few days she has discovered how to get into the crawling position from sitting which is great news and is the first step to actually crawling forward. She just loves doing it and even does it in bed when Grant and I are trying to sleep. Its really cute to see her little head bobbing up and down between us in the dark when we are trying to sleep.
Bella is also on Keppra and Tegretol which will hopefully be her only drugs once she is off the Phenobarbitone.

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  1. Hello! Holly just forwarded your e-mail to me. (and your blog link!) Your family is absolutely beautiful! I'm looking forward to watching Bella develop! That is so awesome that she is sitting up and beginning to crawl! Wow!
    Love the pictures from the guys weekend too! Your little Max is precious...I bet he keeps you on your toes!
    Take care!