Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Max hard at work

Max who is more a boy than any boy I know as a huge liking for trucks, cranes, bulldozers and cement mixers. About 6 weeks ago he saw a cement mixer at Toy Zone that he fell completely in love with. Grant and I decided to teach him one of lifes lessons and got a star chart for him so he could earn the cement mixer. Initially Max liked the idea but after a while he decided in his words "I dont like earning its too hard". To keep the motivation up we bought the cement mixer and put it in the storeroom so that he could earn it out of the storeroom. He tried on numerous occasions to make a 'deal' with us to get the cement mixer and even took to just touching the box in the storeroom.

Yesterday his star chart was almost full and I didnt have the heart to torment the little man anymore so he finally 'earned' his cement mixer! The delight on his face when he realised that the cement mixer was now his was just too cute!

Here he is sleeping peacefully after a hard 6 weeks work with his beloved cement mixer...

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