Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dancing and Gambling

About 2 weeks ago Grant and I were getting ready to go out on our usual Friday night date night. We were in the lounge playing music and dancing like we used to... Max was also having a onderful time dancing like an African Impi with the dogs basket on his head. Quite a special sight. We then played the song The Gambler by Kenny Rodgers which is a song Grant and I have always enjoyed. It was playing very loudly and we were loving singing along together. Bella was sitting on the floor and I picked her up to dance with us. The transformation was amazing. She was absoloutly beaming and jumping around in my arms just loving it!!

The chorus of The Gambler goes something like this.." You have to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run....
You never count your money when you're sitting at the table, there will be time enough for counting when the dealing's done". At the time I thought to myself that no matter what anyone says to me I am going to hold on to my belief in Bella and her future because her I know that her full hand of cards has not yet been dealt...

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