Thursday, July 23, 2009

What people say and dont say

Since Bella first started having seizures and we were facing many horrific diagnoses we have been surrounded by many caring and supportive people. Bella has seen many doctors and medical professionals and everytime when we have asked about her prognosis it has always been that she will have challenges but we dont know her final outcome. The doctors views have changed over and over again and right now everyone is very happy with her progress!

There have been a few people who have seen her glass as being half empty rather than half full. I have had people with no knowledge of her condition telling me what and who she will become. I have also known some people who sadly never comment on her wonderful progress but rather say nothing or only focus on the negatives.

Bella has been going for occupational therapy for only 2 weeks and Kate said to me that she is amazed at the changes she has seen and she has had to rethink her initial views. She also said that she sees many children with challenges and she can see that Bella is 100% aware of whats going on around her and is taking everything in. It is wonderful to have such a positive and insightful person in Bella's life and this is the kind of person Bella needs in her life.

From now on I am only going to listen to people who see Bella's glass as half full and those who appreciate Bella for who she is... A beautiful, clever, brave and stubborn little girl! I would not want her any other way.


  1. It is so wonderful to read about Bella's progress. Please keep us all informed.